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it's like catching lightning


dream of ways to throw it all away

i am holly. i'm twenty one years old and british. i'm a geek, so it probably comes as no surprise that i'm currently studying video games development in university. none of the things i like really fit together - i cosplay (dress up as video game/anime characters) and play video games, but i'm also a ballroom and latin dancer. i also support liverpool football club. strange mix!

dance is a huge part of my life, probably the biggest part, actually. dance has given me so much confidence, and it's probably because of it that i've become a better person. i love losing myself when dancing, and being able to become a different person for once, again, especially in musicals. this is probably why i love cosplaying too. becoming a different person seems like a lot of fun, but being able to go back to yourself when it's finished is probably the most important part for me. my favourite dancer of all time is derek hough - the way he dances is incredible and inspires me to give it my all every time i dance. he's so passionate about what he does and it's my dream to meet him.

i have somewhat of an obsession with vanessa hudgens and zac efron. i admire vanessa for her style and zac has been my teen crush for a good few years now haha. my music taste is quite varied but at the moment i'm listening to quite a lot of vampire weekend. the veronicas and taylor swift are very much my favourite artists.

i don't go anywhere without my ipod (not so much any more, RIP ipod...) or my phone, they seem to be permenantly attached to me. music is awesome because it can drown out life while you just sit there and listen. i like listening to one song for days on end and nothing else. i'm ocd when it comes to itunes - i have to have it on cover view and each album needs to have the album picture along with it. i appreciate music for the lyrics, more than anything. i love musicals because expressing yourself through songs is so much more fun than talking it out.

if you ask me to add you, then chances are i'll add you back . as long as we share a few interests. we'll get along fine :)